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When you experience a session of channeled guidance, you will find new avenues opening to you – the ability to move forward into a much wider and happier worldview. You will leave your phone session relaxed and in balance, with more energy and confidence so you can step into a life that you love living. Shaelynn works with your guides, connects to source energy, and uses many other tools to make sure that you are clear with the next steps. The session is recorded for your benefit.


A Reiki treatment feels like a wonderful glowing radiance that flows through and around you. This high vibrational energy realigns and rebalances your energy, removing any blocks to your natural state of clarity and wellness and returning the body to a relaxed, pain-free state. Reiki also speeds healing and reduces other symptoms of illness. Because Shaelynn channels your guides and physically feels what you are feeling, the session is targeted and tailored to your needs. This session can be done in person or by phone, as Reiki energy just like all energy, is not bound to the rules of time and place. The session is recorded for your benefit.

What would it mean to free your mind? Would it give you the clarity to know what you really wanted out of life? Would it resolve your inner conflicts, allowing you to act on your dreams? Would it change the quality of your life? The answer is YES. The mind is made up of 95% subconscious mind, and 5% conscious mind. If you want to change your life, you have a 1500% greater chance if you change your subconscious mind. That is what Psych-K does. Quickly. Elegantly. It can change a belief you’ve had your entire life in maybe 15-20 minutes, creating alignment, clarity, and change.

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