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"Working with Shaelynn remotely has allowed me to continue growing and evolving with her guidance. While I always prefer to meet in person, I feel that I really lose nothing conducting these sessions remotely. I have not lived near Shaelynn for quite some time and began to try remote session a few years ago. It used to stress me when I had a desire to see her for a session but was nowhere near her geographically.  This new modality has allowed me to feel that I can continue confidently on my path without having to sacrifice the ability to connect with her. She truly is always a phone-call away."

Jordan G.

“Shaelynn is the oasis of calm in the storm. I've worked with her regularly for several years and she's always brought profound grounding and wise guidance to my experience. I turned to her when I abruptly lost all hearing in one ear (now fully recovered) and Shaelynn's distance healing gave me the assurance and potent uplift I'm sure allowed me to heal. She acts as a liaison between a divine intelligence and our own mind/body/spirit. She speaks to your soul and answers its questions, all the while renewing your connection to your true purpose."

Gina P.

"I just had the most amazing session with Shaelynn.  I felt my energy was clear, I am back in balance, and my head is feeling more open and light.  I could feel the reiki energy flowing through my body throughout the session and I noticed releases along the way as she removed energy and blockages.  My spirit guides brought exactly what I needed through Shaelynn and I got so much insight to what is currently occurring for me right now which is so valuable given that we are all in an uncertain place unsure of what the future holds for us.  So all this social distancing can't stop the healing Distance Reiki Energy from flowing!"

Shannon L.

"I was introduced to Shaelynn a year and a half ago. Since then, I have done 3 sessions with her where she always manages to get me back on track and balanced. Her guidance and wisdom is so enlightening and moving. There are not enough powerful words to describe how helpful her energy work is for me during challenging times. She even told me I would have a baby boy, which I totally am! Thank you Shaelynn for your incredible work!"

Efi G.

"Connected. Present. Peaceful. Positive. Whole. Blissful. All the words that I am to the core and the state I strive to be in life. Shaelynn has been the catalyst for me to achieve this state of being. It's always a work in progress, but working with her over the past few years has allowed me to be my best authentic self. Anytime I refer her to anyone, I always say, "You will just feel so good after you leave!" and it's true. Her energy and presence alone lights you up, and I always leave with such clarity. I am beyond grateful for having her in my life. She's a true blessing."

Paloma Z.

“Shaelynn at Your Healing Matrix is a powerful healer that can handle your stuff. I've been an active client for almost 3 years and my life has improved dramatically since working with Shaelynn. Every session causes an upgrade in my life and a deeper understanding of why I'm carrying around what I'm carrying. Shaelynn makes the emotional baggage lighter on your body. Your Healing Matrix is one of my favorite things to do as a total LA gal."

La Z.

“I have been a client of Shaelynn's for two years now and I tell everyone to go see her and simply put I tell them to because it will change their life! It has changed mine immensely and I am so grateful to have her as my Reiki Master and Guide through tough times! I recommend anyone see her to get rejuvenated, balanced, and clarity."

Shannon W.

“I am so thankful for the energy alignment I received on Sunday. I have a new awareness of my inner and outer worlds and how they relate.”

Hank R.I.

“I have known Shaelynn for 3 years now and her healing came to me at a time when I was burnt out from work and study and drowning inside addictive relationships. Her practice allowed me to breathe, take pause and witness the truth for a moment. Major shifts occurred in her sessions and little shifts occurred. I trust her."

Shelly L.

“Shaelynn was recommended by a close friend who said "I don't know why exactly but I always leave feeling better." That is an understatement. Not only has Shaelynn helped me make important decisions in my personal life, but she's helped me dramatically in my business. How to position conversations, she's helped me see options I hadn't considered and guided me down paths that ended in more money and less stress in the long run. When I met her a year and a half ago, a lot of my energy was going toward a toxic relationship and she helped me sort out the good from the bad and change course. I'm always beyond grateful when I make the trek over the hill to see her."

Stephanie F.

“I came to Shaelynn in desperate need of balance in every area of my life. My emotions were all over the place, I was tired all the time, and nothing I ate agreed with me. Massive change was happening and I was entirely unsettled. None of my go to problem solving routines or remedies were working. I believe in Western and Eastern medicine and I've been to many holistic healers, but I have never experienced anything like a session with Shaelynn. She creates a loving, easy, safe environment for you to completely relax and undo whatever damage you come in with. Being on her table is such a relief. Her hands are like magic, helping to heal, realign and stabilize the body and mind. Incredibly intuitive, she roots out the problems and provides vital information for every area of your life. After our sessions I have the tools I need to let go, regroup, stay present, trust, and look forward to a wonderful future. Since working with Shaelynn all aspects of my life - health, career, family, and love, have blossomed and I have a deeper more fulfilling view of the world and belief in myself. I am so grateful to have met her and so is everyone I send to her table.”

Terra D.

“Shaelynn's maternal gifts for Reiki Energy Healing not only present a clear physical balance to the practitioner but also informative tools for expanding emotional awareness of oneself. Her mystical talents open doors that leave me more curious to life on a daily basis and much of my personal growth can be attributed back to some of her work.  Sessions are heartfelt, based on your comfort level and are specifically unique to each person. Shaelynn cannot be recommended highly enough!"

Emily C.

"Words can't express how Shaelynn has transformed me into this powerful person that I have become after only two visits. Her technique and style are so unique and real that I haven't experienced this type of magic before in my life. I have actually been to other clairvoyant mediums in the past but nothing like what Shaelynn does to my spirit. I feel rejuvenated and focused to handle any projects that I am working on and I am using her techniques daily to get through the day without any drama.

Thank you Shaelynn for coming into my life and helping and guiding me to become a great success."

Everett O.

“The experience was personal and powerful. A true healer!"

Kevin F.

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