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What makes you feel most alive?

Updated: Jan 30, 2020

Hey there, Lighthouse of Love--

I have to to tell you about the most amazing week I had! I got to do something that I absolutely love (singing with some old, dear friends), and I got to mix it with other things that I absolutely love (healing and teaching with some new, dear friends), in a place that I love (New York, New York!), and I gotta tell you, I came home FULL. Full of love, full of ideas, full of gusto and gratitude and glorious grace. To say that I highly recommend it would be an understatement. What I find funny is that I know that I love singing, but I haven't allowed myself the time to do it (singing while cooking doesn't count).

Now, you know that I love healing - being able to be the conduit for transformation is my calling, but I forgot that there are other things that bring me joy and healing - and I'm guessing you have that same blind spot in your life mirror as well.

So, what lights you up? What makes your tail wag? What is something that helps you live all the way to the edges of your life, that fills you up so there is more of you, more for you, more light shining through you? Sometimes, at this time of year, with all the media blaring and signage coming at me with their messages of buybuybuy, I forget that I have a choice in how I want to experience my life.......does that ever happen to you? Let my experience last week inspire you to choose to fill yourself up with a current passion or one that you might have put to the side. And if you can't think of something to do that makes you happy (or something to stop doing), go make someone else happy - sometimes that works even better! It doesn't have to be big, or cost a lot of money, or take a ton of time - sending a burst of love from your heart to someone else takes a second, and creates a cascade of happiness that will benefit them and you-

Dig deep into the loamy soil of gratitude that your life is built on. Choose light. Choose love. Your heart will thank you. Your life will, too! Sending you a huge burst of yummy, music filled, light energy........

Keep the change ;)

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