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What do you care about?

I was doing a session about 2 years ago and heard myself recommend a book by Buckminster Fuller. There I was, half in and half out of my body, channeling the name of a guy that sounded like I made it up - I mean, who in their right mind names their kid Buckminster?! After 35 years, I know enough to listen when the Guides talk, so I went to my ol' pal Google, which led me to the library, which led me to a book by a really interesting man (snapshot of a lot of my days, just in case you wondered). ANYWAY, this guy used to ask this question all the time:

"What is the most important thing we can be thinking about right now?"

Is it about what other people are doing? About what you are doing? About what you aren't doing that you want to do? Is it about what's happening world-round or in your little corner of the world and is it the most important thing to be thinking about right now?

You have this opportunity to put whatever you want to grow, front-and-center.

Try that right now. Let go of the superfluous. Create the space in the forefront of that gorgeous mind of yours for what you want! Put it in the positive, please, and see what opportunities and experiences come to meet you today.

Hear what inspired action you are called to take, then take it.

How about that.....one minute to change your day. Keep stacking those minutes, with the most important thing that you want and imagine where you'll be a day? In a week? In a month?

Meet you there, kiddo, I'll bring the donuts ;)

Big, Big Love, Shaelynn

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