• Shaelynn

Wanna know a secret?

Hey there, Love Grenade--

It's the second day of 2018 and you wanna know a secret? There is as much power for setting intentions TODAY as there was on that day you were "supposed to start" (YESTERDAY).

Sit with that for a minute.

You wanna know what else? There's even more power in your setting your intentions today because you are deciding to make that choice - not doing it because some ancient Babylonians decided it was a good idea 4,000 years ago (please don't get me started on New Year's Resolutions, you really don't want to get me started).

This new year is bound to be expansive and gorgeous, shocking and brutal, illuminating in it's teaching and astonishing in the miracles it brings.

Let yourself expect all of it. Let yourself embrace all of it. Let yourself learn and fall and learn some more. Let yourself shift and change into the you that's in your dreams. Draw to you a chosen family that supports it all (don't forget to include me, ok?) and, most of all, remember YOU have the power.

What will that bring? More love. More health. More wealth. More gratitude. More forgiveness, for yourself and for others. More grace. That's a lot of good stuff. Hope you are ready......life's about to get really good.

Big, Big Love, Shaelynn

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