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Take a deep breath, dust yourself off, and start all over again.....

Updated: Jan 30, 2020

Hey, Butter Biscuit! There's something in the air. Some things are just falling into place. Easily. Effortlessly. The Universe is opening doors at an alarmingly fast rate. Then, on the other hand, parking tickets, wires crossed, short tempers, things going waaaaaay out of wack. WHAT THE HECK IS HAPPENING? I've heard that question at least a thousand times since the first week of the new year. So, I asked "up" and here is what is coming through:

"Our experience of time is speeding up. This is a time of fast wins and fast fails and all of it is occurring in just this way for us to learn and get on with it! Old, negative habits are having big consequences in order that they can be seen and uprooted, focused intentions are being rewarded, and all of this is happening so we can react in a new way - almost as if we are being asked to look back on an event and see how we've handled it, then decide if it works for us or not. We are being asked to be present. We are being asked to take responsibility for our responses, the way we think and how we feel. We are being asked to remember that we are not our thoughts. We are being asked to remember that we are not our feelings."

Aaaalrighty then. Now that we're firmly in woo-woo land, what the heck does that mean? It means that when we are present and take the time to respond, not react - observe what we are feeling - observe what we are thinking, then there is space to choose. We get to choose to unhook our reaction and respond. We get to choose to keep a habit or let it go. We get to choose to let an emotion overtake us or choose to experience it and let it go. So, how? How are we going to do that? You have lots of tools in that toolbox of yours that will help you stay present. Here are some fast favorites of mine that work like a charm:

Use your breath - hand on your belly, other one on your heart and deep belly breaths, focusing on releasing on the exhale.

Hook Up, Ground and Protect Get in your body and stay there!

Rewire your body and brain by tap, tap, tapping on your third eye chakra while you are feeling joy, gratitude or serenity!

There are plenty more, and I'm sure you have your trusty favorites, like meditation, yoga, or time with your 4 legged friends. The point is, use what works for you and help yourself navigate the waves of life with more ease and grace.

It's an exciting time to be alive on the planet -----glad we get to share this ride!

Big, Big Love, Shaelynn

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