• Shaelynn

Got a confession to make.......

Time to come clean about what I've been watching on TV.

Aaaaah, nope, lost my nerve, got cold feel. (sigh)

Well OK, I'm not going to tell you the name of the show, but I will tell you that I finally figured out the reason I've been binge watching the darn thing. This should have tipped me off. The opening voice-over begins with:

"Life is hard when you don't know who you are.

It's harder when you don't know what you are."

Right, my empathic friend?! Then, the protagonist of the story spends each episode figuring out how to solve problems in a way that aligns with who she knows herself to be and how she wants to occur in the world (which doesn't necessarily fit anyone else's way of doing things).

SO THERE IT IS - the same process we are all in right now. Figuring out who we are, then making decisions about how to inhabit our life with heart and grace, figuring out new solutions. We figure out our way. When we do that, our eyes open to a different reality - more choices - different outcomes. We create a life in alignment with our core values and that changes everything.

It's big. It's really big.

Right now all of us on the planet are participating in a transition of awareness. Each time we choose differently - in alignment with our new awareness of who we are and how we want our world to be - the field of heart-centeredness is strengthened and we get closer to critical mass and humanities Big Shift into living life from the heart. We are not powerless. We are power-full. Don't you ever forget it.

Even if "all we're doing" is acting in alignment with our core.

Keep it up, my friend. It feels like we are close to critical mass...

Huh, all this from binge watching a supernatural TV drama.....;)

Big, Big Love, Shaelynn

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